CTBUH Canada Breakfast Event

Imports and Acquisitions: New Tall Buildings in Toronto – MEP and Systems

On Thursday, October 4, 2016 at the University of Toronto Faculty Club the CTBUH Canada Chapter organized and held its third in a series about new and imported technologies in high-rise buildings. The event featured four technical presentations followed by a panel discussion amongst three real estate developers and a design consultant. More than 60 people attended the event.

Gerard MacDonald, Principal with Reshape Infrastructure Strategies Ltd. kicked off the technical presentations with explanations about the virtues of District Plants for clusters of neighbourhood buildings. Specific positive aspects include reliability and space savings within the individual buildings.

The audience was illuminately engaged during the discussion of Electric Viewglass by John Carpenter, Director of Eastern Canada Viewglass. The images of the four levels of tinting are made possible by the five layers of micro-electronic coatings within the insulating glass units. Say goodbye to clunky window coverings to be replaced with Dynamic Electrochromic Facades. There are many installations in Ontario, including the new Humber River Valley Hospital.

Rahul Shira, the Product Marketing Manager with Philips journeyed from Boston to participate in the event. Humancentric Lighting is based upon tunable white solutions to light the indoor environment.

Closing out the technical portion of the program was a great hat worn by presenter Imran Majeed, CEO of Advanced Building Solutions. Imran explained how to give a building HVAC system four pipe luxury at two pipe cost. The Integrated Piping System utilizes the hot and cold domestic water loops for the heating and cooling water in food grade fancoil units manufactured by Williams. Building management requires more technical competency, which is offset by lower first costs, lower maintenance costs and shorter wait times for domestic hot water.

Dan Larson, Principal with Smith + Andersen Consulting Engineers, did an excellent job moderating the panel discussion by weaving in questions about the technical presentations. The panel consisted of Subhi Alsayed, Director of Innovation at Tridel; Wells Baker, Director of Conservation and Sustainable Design at The Minto Group; Jamie Goad, Partner with Cityscape Development Corporation; and Douglas Smith, President of Smith + Andersen. Particularly relevant with Mr. Goad was the discussion about District Plants and the efforts of the past twenty years to implement same in the 13 acre Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto.

Demonstrating good synergy with the Master of Ceremony role played by Richard Witt, Chair of CTBUH Canada and Principal at Quadrangle Architects, was Anton Davies, a Founding Partner at RWDI Wind Engineers and Vice Chair of CTBUH Canada. The panelists and presenters were all recognized with hardback CTBUH Best Tall Buildings Books. The entire audience were all invited to the October 28 open house of RWDI’s new Guelph facility, with large wind tunnel laboratories that provide design guidance for the tallest buildings in the world.

CTBUH Canada acknowledges the teamwork and generous sponsorship for the event by Consulting Engineer Smith + Andersen.