The Company policy for Safety, Health and Security is administered by the LCL Builds Safety, Health and Security Director, who receives guidance from the LCL Builds Safety, Health, and Security Standing Committee.  The organization consists of Company elected committee members.

Safety, Health and Security duties:

  • Oversee the Company Safety, Health, and Security Program including policy.
  • Oversee the updating and issuing of the Company Safety, Health and Security Manual herein referred to as the Accident Prevention Manual.
  • Oversee the project planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of project site specific safety programs to ensure compliance with the Accident Prevention manual and applicable federal, provincial and local statutes.
  • Oversee the training and orientation of project team members for their Safety, Health and Security responsibilities as outlined herein.
  • Conduct accident/incident investigations.
  • Oversee the keeping of Company Safety, Health and Security records.
  • Administer the Safety, Health and Security Incentive Awards Program.


The Safety, Heath and Security Committee is composed of Company employees, generally two from Head Office, two from the field, the Company Safety, Health and Security Director, and a chairman.  All but the Director are appointed on a year-by-year basis.  The Safety Committee duties are:

  • Assist the Company Safety, Health and Security Director in managing the Accident Prevention Program.
  • Develop, monitor and manage the Company Safety, Health and Security Incentive Awards Program.
  • Review safety statics, make recommendations for corrective action to operations and report to senior management on the same.


The Safety, Health and Security Committee assists the Safety, Health and Security Director in publishing the LCL Builds Accident Prevention Manual.

  • Project Managers and Project Superintendents are required to have a current copy of this document.
  • The Manual contains the Company process in which to manage the hazards associated with performing the work.
  • Refer to the Manual for detailed information.


Site Specific Safety Manual: The LCL Builds Site Specific Safety is designed to facilitate operational accident prevention pre-planning and reinforce hazard education at each jobsite position.  The Site Specific Safety Manual is produced for each significant project by the Safety Director after a thorough operational analysis between himself and the project team.

  • Each significant project will have a manual produced for the project.  It is a project document and must remain with the project archives once the project is complete.
  • Each project manual will address the plan (Job Hazard Analysis) for managing each major work operation.


In an effort to develop Safety, Health and Security awareness among all levels of jobs site employment, the Company has an ongoing Health and Safety Incentive Program.

  • Awards are issued quarterly.
  • Suggestions to the Committee from Company employees for awards are encouraged.