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Steel Braced Concrete Shear Core

LCL Builds and Lease Crutcher Lewis have developed a faster, more efficient construction approach to high-rise office buildings.  If the preferred office building structural frame is structural steel, then you should contact LCL to shave months from the construction schedule and provide the delivery certainty that your office tenants are seeking.

Mark Garland presented a paper on this patented method to construct concrete shear cores at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat World Conference 2011 in Seoul, Korea on October 12.  The innovative construction method uses redundant structural steel columns inside the thick concrete shear walls so that the office building structural steel superstructure, complete with rebar curtains, can be erected concurrently and in advance of the concrete wall placements.  LCL encourages the use of this structural framing method and is seeking to function as a construction consultant internationally.

If you are interested in more information on this innovative construction method, contact Mark Garland at mark.garland@lclbuilds.com for Canadian inquiries or Gary Smith at gary.smith@lewisbuilds.com for USA inquiries.

Click HERE for a PDF of the Steel Braced Concrete Shear Core Brochure.