Development Services

Scope of Services

The LCL Scope of Services is divided into three parts. The first, Development Services, guides the Owner through the approval and budgeting stage, running consecutively with Preconstruction, the second part.  Preconstruction Services occur during the design stages and pre-procurement.  The third stage, Construction Management Services, takes place during the Construction and Post Construction phases.

Development Services are a unique offering for General Contractor.  LCL Builds’ senior executives have a combined 35 years in the Development sector and lead this valuable added service. Our goal is to work with the Owner to ensure that a comprehensive Global Development budget is produced, comprising all costs up to and including Land, Site Works, Hard Cost Construction, Soft Costs, Tenant Improvement(s) and Coordination, Finance and Revenue, while ensuring all required approvals and agreements are obtained from jurisdictional authorities and neighbouring land owners. A key objective of the Development Service offering is to offer ongoing Developer/Owner assistance and to concisely communicate all necessary development requirements and timing to ensure that all activities are properly thought out and scheduled.