Scope of Services

At LCL Builds we pride ourselves on our ability to review and understand our clients’ construction and development goals and then to respond accordingly and develop an appropriate degree of Preconstruction analysis. Our Preconstruction services include the following:

  • Feasibility Analysis (pre-formula based)
  • Construction Budget Preparation
  • Materials and methods selection
  • Setting and laying out methods to meet based on conceptual design budget goals
  • Co-ordination and matching of Marketing, Construction and Condominium documentation
  • Maintaining accurate cost budgets as changes occur
  • Producing alternate scenario budgets
  • Providing accurate budgeting for the final design
  • Providing input on construction methods and limitation to architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural design
  • Providing design assistance using our most up to date knowledge of materials best suited for the project
  • Arrange for all long term delivery items including transformer and hydro issues
  • Matching known protocol to working drawing requirements and providing value engineering to obtain the most effective cost.


Hallmarks of our estimating approach include:

  • Detail early in the process. Your initial estimates will be at a level of detail similar to the Guaranteed Upset Price (GUP) format. This detail and continuity allow the team to focus on areas where cost can be improved, and we can use the early budget as a baseline for tracking costs throughout the design process. The Systems Budget is also a tool to communicate about design.
  • The “Systems” format breaks the estimate into systems such as “exterior wall” and “plumbing” and the many specific cost components of each system. This allows for easier understanding of budgets, facilitates “apples to apples” comparisons at each stage and is more intuitive and reflective of the design process. All of this is essential for meaningful budget control and option analysis.
  • “Real World” pricing: our estimates are based upon three major sources, in addition to using the standard estimating manuals.  We refer to the actual costs of our own recent and current projects and we bring selective feedback from our key subcontractors.